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Central Plant Maintenance Plans
Calpwr assists clients in developing long-term asset strategies. We offer  options to wrap all central plant assets into bumper to bumper maintenance programs that allow fixed operating cost. All cost of maintenance, service, and repairs will be managed by Calpwr for one fixed cost to the client.

Repair Service
The disciplines that allow Calpwr to provide World Class Solutions in the Energy Industry also allow us to offer Central Plant repair services that are clean concise and cost effective. Here are just a few of the services we can perform.

  • Pump Repair / Rebuild
  • Switchgear Maintenance / Repair
  • Piping and Valve Repair
  • Controls modifications
  • Fuel Treatment Repair
  • Generator Maintenance / Repair / Rebuild
  • Boiler Repair / Rebuild
  • Chiller Repair / Rebuild
  • Cooling Tower Repair / Rebuild
  • Motor Repair / Rebuild
  • Hydraulic Systems Maintenance / Repairs / Rebuild

Energy Efficiency Auditing and Retrofit
Calpwr engineers have real world experience in power generation, thermal recovery, system installation, operations and maintenance. We understand energy supply and demand principles. We assist our clients in identifying efficiency upgrades that have extraordinary ROI and in some cases may be subsidized through government or utility programs.
Our expert energy analysis  identifies opportunities for cost savings throughout your facilities. The results of the audit provide you a  opportunity to develop a strong fiscally sound goals that will support your companies energy conservation objectives

Operations & Maintenance
Calpwr is committed to providing both scheduled maintenance and repair service support for all of our installed equipment- ensuring reliable operation of your critical generation and central plant equipment throughout itís life. These services range from off-site monitoring of systems performance to dedicated 24/7 on site plant operations. All service personnel are trained for the repair and maintenance of the installed equipment and receive regular service and warranty bulletins as well as regular training updates from the manufacturers to ensure that service and repair is done quickly and correctly.

Miscellaneous Services
Calpwr offers practically everything for successful plant operations. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.