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Powerful Solutions for Energy Independence

Deregulation and restructuring in the energy sector has opened up new opportunities for enterprises to address today’s radical changes in energy cost and supply uncertainties. Developing a viable independent energy generation plan can cut costs and increase profits near-term and provide security in meeting energy needs for the future.

Creating safe, clean, efficient, cost-effective energy independence is not just a matter of installing a distributed generation power source and waiting for an investment payback. Success requires analysis and implementation of a total energy solution that addresses all of the factors pertinent to the facility and end user.

Calpwr is an industry innovator with a proven track record of delivering powerful independent energy solutions, faster payback, and superior maintenance to manufacturing facilities, corporate & academic campuses, commercial buildings, hotels & resorts, municipalities, and mid- to large-scale service organizations.

Maximizing Generation Assets
The Calpwr multidimensional approach begins by visiting the customer site to develop an Energy Consumption Audit and usage profile as a means of determining the most cost-effective energy solution for the site. This recommendation addresses the most appropriate available technologies that can provide immediate impact to the bottom line. Most importantly, our equipment recommendations are “product neutral” and not based on a relationship we have with a manufacturer or equipment supplier, but rather on our assessment of best-in-class performance for the technology.

From Planning to Maintenance
Calpwr provides technical strength and decades of consulting experience in the energy sector to solve today’s critical energy needs. Our industry knowledge has led us to the most powerful, economical, and innovative energy generation products available. We consistently deliver energy solutions to our clients in line with their fiscal, production and environmental goals. Our engineers handle all aspects of the project design, including supervising installations and our maintenance team provides first-class service to maximize the energy generation investment. Calpwr also offers a number of project financing options to suit your particular goals.